810 Central Avenue Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
+1(306) 374-8873

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How to contact Sutherland Bar Saskatoon and about Sutherland Bar Saskatoon ?

Sutherland Bar Saskatoon address is 810 Central Avenue Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. You can reach via mobile or landline through contact number +1(306) 374-8873.


Sutherland is a well known dance bar falls in the Saskatchewan region of Canada. Sutherland is mainly known for its liquor store which remains open all the days of the week except Tuesday. There are two types of beer kegs are setup inside the bar called Domestic Kegs, Premium Kegs and offers variety of beer including Rooling Rock, Great Western Original 16, Alexandaer Keith's IPA, MGD, Keith's White, Red, Dark etc. One can also book this bar for party and other occasion. Sutherland also organizes free platter parties as it is considered as the biggest house party in the region of Saskatoon. Apart from this, it also organizes beach volleyball league every year that is the longest running beach volleyball league in the region. It also organizes both non-competitive and competitive volleyball league, and every single match is run for 50 minutes. These matches run through Monday to Friday, and competitive match is played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. The whole league run for 19 weeks.

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