3738 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75219, United States
+1-214-981-0700, +1-800-278-6626

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How to contact Sunoco Credit Card and about Sunoco Credit Card ?

Sunoco Credit Card address is 3738 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75219, United States. You can reach via mobile or landline through contact number +1-214-981-0700, +1-800-278-6626. You can also reach there webite www.sunocoinc.com and can get required information regarding to Sunoco Credit Card.


Sunoco Credit Card is a payment facility which is provided by Sunoco Inc. Through Sunoco Credit Cards, customers can pay their bills online. Sunoco provides various types of credit cards including Sunoco MasterCard, Sunoco Card, Sunoco Corporate Card, Sunoco Rewards Card, Gas Credit Cards, APlus Rewards Card and Sunoco Platinam MasterCard. Addition to this, Sunoco Credit Card has various facilities such as get online statements, review account activity, view your account summary etc. Sunoco Inc is a multinational oil and gas company based in the United States. It began its business in the year 1886 with the name Sun Company Inc by Joseph Newton Pew, Philip Pisano and Edward O Emerson. In 1922, it was renamed as Sun Oil Company and listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the code "SUN". Sun Oil Company changed its name to Sunoco Inc in 1998. It engages in the business of petrochemical, gas, petroleum, fuel and lubricants. Sunoco is the America's largest gasoline distribution company. Sunoco Inc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners which is a public gas and propane company. Sunoco operates more than 4,700 outlets in 26 American states. Its business is divided into four divisions namely Crude Oil Pipelines, Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing, Terminal Facilities, and Refined Products Pipelines. Sunoco conducts its business through its headquarters which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The company has oil pipelines of around 5,400 miles and refined products pipelines of about 2,500 miles. Fax Number: +1-214-981-0703.

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