23 Manitou Drive, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B, Canada.

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Shaw Cable Sault Ste Marie address is 23 Manitou Drive, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B, Canada.. You can reach via mobile or landline through contact number +1-(705)-946-2234.


Shaw Communications Incorporation is a Canada based telecommunications mass media company which offers various services such as cable television, high speed internet, telephone, direct broadcast satellite, radio and many more. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was established in 1966 as Capital Cable Television Company Limited and then it was renamed to Shaw Communication in 1984. As of 2013, the company had revenue of USD $5.142 billion and it has more than 14,000 employees. Shaw Communications Incorporation has three subsidiaries which are Shaw Media, Shaw Direct, and Shaw Broadcast Services. Shaw Media is a television broadcasting company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded in 2010 and it has 13 television stations such as Thunder Bay, Regina, Toronto, Calgary etc. Shaw Direct is a direct telecast satellite trader in Canada and it has more than 90,000 subscribers. Shaw Broadcast Services is a TV service and radio stations service provider and it offers more than 380 French, English and many more signals through Anik F1 and F2 transponders. Shaw Communication is awarded with ?Canada's Top 100 Employers 2013 award? and ? The Financial Post's Ten Best Companies To Work For?.

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