Laurel Ms, Soso, Mississippi 39480, United States
+1 (601) 426-9922

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Mississippi Power Laurel Ms address is Laurel Ms, Soso, Mississippi 39480, United States. You can reach via mobile or landline through contact number +1 (601) 426-9922.


Mississippi Power is an electric utility that generates electric power from the fossil fuels power plants. It is the subsidiary of Atlanta based Southern Company that is owned by 195,261 registered stockholders. This electric power utility is served to six Rural Electrification Administration-financed electric cooperatives such as Coast EPA i.e. Electric Power Association, Singing River EPA, Southern Pine EPA, Dixie EPA, Pearl River EPA and East Mississippi EPA. It provides renewable sources of energy with cleaner air to the residents of Mississippi. Mississippi Power is a Southern Company that was founded in 1925 and has its headquarters located at Gulfport, Mississippi, United States of America.

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