129 E. Agate Avenue Granby, CO 80446, United States
+1 800.436.6300, 970.887.2115

Contact Liberty Savings Bank and Reviews

How to contact Liberty Savings Bank and about Liberty Savings Bank ?

Liberty Savings Bank address is 129 E. Agate Avenue Granby, CO 80446, United States. You can reach via mobile or landline through contact number +1 800.436.6300, 970.887.2115. You can also reach there webite www.libertysavingsbank.com and can get required information regarding to Liberty Savings Bank.


Liberty Saving Bank is an American financial institution that started business in the year of 1889 when several US businessmen raised their funds for the construction of Lynchburg Building and starting Loan Association. The company was taken over by James R. Powell in the year of 1984 and changed its name to Liberty Savings Bank. It was amalgamated with the Superior Loan and Building in the 1960s to form another company called Highland Savings Association.

Banking Services

The name of the Liberty Savings Bank was changed to Liberty Savings Association when a new office of the company was opened in Clinton County, Wilmington. The banking company is pioneered in offering several financial services to the customers such as general banking, merchant banking with a 24 hours access to some of the services with the help of Internet. It provides mobile banking, online banking, Internet banking services for customers.

Headquarters and Workforce

Liberty Savings Bank is a privately owned financial institution that serves numerous customers by providing the banking and financial assistance according to their need. It also provides the online facilities for customers to manage their account through its official website. It is headquartered in 2251 Rombach Ave. Wilmington, 45177 United States. There are more than two hundred employees working in the Liberty saving Bank.

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