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Jegs address is 101 JEGS Place, Delaware, Ohio 43015, United States of America. You can reach via mobile or landline through contact number 1-800-345-4545. You can also reach there webite www.jegs.com and can get required information regarding to Jegs.


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Michael Russelll
Hi I'm trying to do some shopping on your website I'm in Australia I go to the checkout to get shipping cost the total comes up but I don't know if it's US dollars or Au dollars if it's US dollars it's about $1000 more than other US websites so would like to confirm the amount it's for the Ford C6 TCI Streetfighter transmission package it's saying it's $3039 it's to Australia Brisbane 15 Jenkins Court Goodna 4300 Thank you.
Steve Heathfield
I purchased a set of Banshee rims 2x15x10 2x15x6 on the 10th January 2017 have rung a number of times concerning delivery the rims have been paid for but I keep getting told they are on backorder from centerline it is now 2 months since the sale and I need to get this sorted or I will be after a refund details are Steve Heathfield or Dave Matthews.
Sandi Richerson
Please remove my name from your mailing list. I do not wish to receive your catalog. Thank you.
Sandi Richerson
204 Russell Lane
Joseph, OR 97846
Drew Jones
Hey, there I'm a just a fan of the company and was wondering if you could send me some stickers for my project. I don't have a big budget but I appreciate high quality.
Drew Jones
3575 Madrona Lane
Medford OR. 97501