1005 Guy Street, Montreal, Quebec H3H 2K4, Canada
+1 514-938-4446, +1-877-46835-50

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Hotel Espresso Montreal address is 1005 Guy Street, Montreal, Quebec H3H 2K4, Canada. You can reach via mobile or landline through contact number +1 514-938-4446, +1-877-46835-50.


The Hotel Espresso Montreal Centre-Ville and Downtown is a hotel based in Quebec, Canada that provides accommodation facilities to the people and other services. The hotel provides different types of services including Spa Club Physique, Amenities, Gift Shop, Indoor Parking ? Car Rental, Business Center, Room Service, Security Deposit Box, Concierge Desk, Dry Cleaning Services, Handicapped Facilities, Pet Friendly, swimming pool, fitness center and many more services. The hotel consists of a bar and restaurant that arranges dinner parties, events and other programs. It offers discount packages to the customers regarding rooms, travel tourism packages and others. The Hotel Espresso provides the facility for booking the conference halls and meeting rooms online or by phone. The hotel also provides hospitality services with a relaxed atmosphere for the people and visitors. Alternate Contact No: +1 (514) 938-4611 Fax No: +1 (514) 938-8718

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