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Linnea Williams
I bought a round glass top patio table from home depot about 3 months ago. Its medium sized. We had a storm yesterday and the wind flipped it over, it shattered into a million tiny pieces. Is there a warranty or a way to replace this top? If I had known it would shatter like that I wouldn't have purchased it. I have 2 dogs and a 14-month-old who play in the area where it broke. Please help!
Jennifer Pereira
I recently purchased a Hampton Bay 2 light Vanity Fixture (#1001574002) for my bathroom (which I love). The package did not have the tool to remove the globes. Could you send me one?
Jennifer Pereira
40 Fieldwood Avenue
Seekonk, MA 02771
I just purchased a Havana 48" ceiling fan. When we opened the box, "canopy ring" was already installed (not correctly) on the canopy and was split in half. Could I have you send out a replacement canopy ring?
Please send to 238 Andover Rd, Fairless Hills, PA 19030
Thank you
Kevin Prezkop
Purchased 10 Hampton Bay ceiling fans on home depot card when we built our home in 2000. 3 have stopped working except for lights. 2 fans are in enclosed Florida room/lanai and 1 in garage. Tried to return them to home depot, they would not take them. Said to contact Hampton Bay customer support. Electrician said there is nothing wrong with power supply to locations, said fans need replaced. He told my Hampton Bay was exclusive to home depot and that they would most likely replace them. Not sure I can find receipts, may be able to get home depot to print record of purchases if they keep them for years?
Harold arnold
Can I splice the wire from my Hampton bay wall wash light too enable me to locate the solar panel to a more lighted area?
George Arnstein
Help please!
I am pleased with the 2 porch lights :IGP1691L3 but the "on at dusk" feature does not work. Lights stay on all day, still its not working properly.
Dennis Berard
On 6-25-2016 I purchased a Hawkins 44" ceiling fan. I believe that the registration card was sent in. Recently the light switch is malfunctioning. I pull on it and the switch does not "click" to light the bulbs. I was thinking of replacing the switch,but, it seems to be more complex chore than needed to be. Could you inform me of my options? The sales slip has been misplaced. Fan information is as follows:
model# 122-855
vendor# 11289
UPC 792145357360
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanking you in advance.
Dennis Berard
M. Abraham
Purchased the Hayward ceiling fan.
BIG SUGGESTION. DO NOT SCREW IN THE SCREWS IN THE CEILING MOUNTING PLATE FULLY! I have STRIPPED 3 of the 4 screws because even my cordless drill couldn't unscrew them. I am on my 2nd evening of installing this fan and I AM GOING TO DO THIS MYSELF because I'm stubborn!
Stubborn and frustrated customer from MI
I'm looking for a fan blade (1) for a Hampton Bay MDL 52-RDT UL E227934, Vendor 11688, No. 0480110 (6-2005) UL 1YW2.
Mahogany on one side, light oak on the other. Can you help me?
Bill Allen
I purchased a set of Solar lights while in Central Florida at a Home Depot store. It was a 10 PK. Brown Metal and the globe was Textured Glass and I believe it was Model 12111. (These are Pathway Lights).
My question is, we are home now in Northern Va.
And I cannot find these lights at any near-by Home Depot stores. Can you Help me? My zip code is 20164.
Thank you.
Geraldine Slivinski
We purchased a Hampton Bay complete table and chair set from Home Depot in 2015. It is rusting very badly.
Actually falling apart. Can you please help me rectify this problem. It is kept under a rectangular umbrella. It is mostly the piping under the back of the chairs. I can send you pictures. Thank you.
Diane Williams
We purchased a Hampton Bay outdoor lamp post (white) several years ago and the metal around the glass globes is rusting. Can we get replacement parts for the three lanterns? The post is in good condition and we are not looking to replace it at this time. Home Depot does not sell these parts. Thanks, Diane Williams 386/9377300
Judy Sabia
We have installed the Hampton Bay Olivet 4 light chrome bath light model 25724 HBU when we remodeled our house in August 2014. We love the lights and it looks great. But now we heard the lights are recalled because they fall. Our 2 lights fell and damaged our marble vanity top and left dents on it. Very upset with the product. My marble top looks terrible.
ralph bianco
I am thinking of buying a Hampton Bay Gazebo model LGZ680PST-M 10'X10'. Someone told me that there may be screen kits made to fit this model. If so can you please tell me how much they are and where I could purchase them. In advance, thank you for your Assistance.
Ralph Bianco
Barbara siciliano
I bought an 18x24x84 white pantry cabinet. It came with 3 shelves. I would like to buy 3 additional shelves. How can I purchase 3 more shelves?
Joanne Cataldo
I spoke with a representative named Jessica 2 weeks ago. She ordered a bronze steel tile for my patio table. I gave her my Visa and she said it would take about 7-10 days I have yet to receive this item. All she gave me was an order #172500. I tried to trace my order but was unable to do so. It has been charged to my visa can you please find out where my order is?
Frank Morris
I purchase the oak collection last year.
Love the set put I acquired some counter height iron chairs and love the look of them so I painted them the same as the set I purchased from Hampton Bay.
I want to keep the table and was wondering two things.
1) Do you have legs that would fit this table to bring it up to Counter height set?
2) Do you sell a similar table at the counter height?
Thank You,
Frank Morris
I purchased an outdoor patio set from Home Depot last fall. The chairs are all rusting and peeling. We bought the same set for our daughter and her husband and their's is not rusting. I feel our chairs are defective due to the rust. I am very upset about this happening and always get negative comments from friends and family. I feel that Hampton Bay should replace these chairs.
I have pictures of the rusted chairs to send to you if you could provide me an email to send them to.
Pam collins
I got 4 Hampton Bay cushions for my outside furniture last year for Mother's Day. They did not even last a year, tearing in several places. The cushions I had before lasted 4 years. Very disappointed, especially because they were a gift. I have pictures of all 4. My cell number is 706-244-2186 and my email is above.
Earl Wilson
I need a copy of the manual for the 10x12 gazebo Model # L-GZ669PST-M.
Can you provide me the site to download it from? Thanks.
Lisa Smith-Schohl
I purchased a patio sectional set and set it up the other day only to see there is damage to the base back seat. Please email back with how I can receive a replacement piece.
Thank you
Rocky Alvarado
My Hampton remote works on the 4 buttons to operate the fan, with the exception of the light. Will not turn the light on. Bulb good, battery new, and I don't want to take fan down to put another remote sensor up.
Lisa Smith -Schohl
We purchased the Mill Valley sectional and went to set it up yesterday and noticed damage to the lower back part of one of the seating pieces. Please direct me to who I need to speak with in order to get a replacement.
Bill Walkner
I purchased a Hampton Bay floor lamp #1000040900. While assembling the unit, a was one leg short on part #D-long pole. Need it in ebony as soon as possible to complete assembly.
Can be sent to 3960 Bluff Rd, Hernando, MS 38632.
Your quick response to this problem would be greatly appreciated.
Let me know if I can help in any way to expedite this matter.
Chandra hiralal
I bought a Belcourt gazebo at Home Depot last week. There is a little tear on the canopy I'm afraid it may get ruined by removing. I called Home Depot they said I can get a replacement from you. Please tell whether you required a receipt or not.
Sharon Miller
I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with a light and a remote control (no chains attached). It is a few years old now so I don't have the model number handy. Since I have owned this fan I have never been able to figure out why the remote control will not control the light. The remote will activate the fan and the speed control so it is not the batteries. However, it will not do anything in relation to the lights.I thought perhaps I had installed non-dimmable chandelier lights so I replaced them but still no luck. Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Mike Berganski
We just bought the Hampton Bay 11 ft offset umbrella with solar led lights. The lights worked for 3 days, it's been sunny for those days and now when pushing the power switch they flicker on and then off. Should I unscrew the solar unit or request a new one.
Kenneth Baer
Can you please tell me if or when the HB Metro Rustic Copper 54" fan will become available? I was able to purchase one back on May 8, but I need 3. I have been patiently waiting for more to become available.
Brenda Clark
I ordered and received a pair of patio chairs. The problem is there are a few bolts missing since the packing opened in shipping. I have YOW SKU #690 134 - Model # D11200-BS Middletown Motion Balcony Chair and am missing 2 AA bolts and 2 BB bolts. Other things are missing but I have enough of these parts to put 2 chairs together. Can you mail the missing bolts or let me know what I need to purchase at the store to get these chairs put together.
Thank you,
Brenda Clark 146 Carter Ranch Rd. Blanco, Texas 78606.
Agnes Loperena
I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan that's not running properly, it's very slow. I bought it from Home Depot a few years ago and I don't have receipt of purchase. How can you help me?
Thank you in advance.
Robert Keilitz
I have a Corinthian Column Fire Pit. I live in a location that is frequently windy and the protective cover has been ruined. I would like to purchase a replacement cover. Can you help me locate one?
Thank you.
Dennis werbitski
I need a replacement glass for a round Hampton bay patio umbrella table. The glass broke and need a replacement. Who do I call for this and please give a phone number
Celina Fields
I purchased Hampton Bay 60' Carrington from Home Depot March 13, 2016. Unfortunately for me I was unable to install it until May 20, 2017. I ran into several problems and took it back to Home Depot to exchange for another ceiling fan. They refuse my return/exchange because of the date of purchase so I am out of $100.00 and stuck with a ceiling fan that is unusable.
Celina Fields
I purchased Hampton Bay 60' Carrington from Home Depot March 13, 2016. Unfortunately for me I was unable to install it until May 20, 2017. I ran into several problems and took it back to Home Depot to exchange for another ceiling fan. They refuse my return/exchange because of the date of purchase so I am out of $100.00 and stuck with a ceiling fan that is unusable.
Marie Kursener
I have recently bought a round dinning set with glass insert panels on top..when it rains the water gets under the panels and rust starts to form and drips on the chairs and on the patio staining it..I have had the set less that one month. I bought it at home depot. I still like the set but I would like to know if you can suggest a fix for this problem.. thanks Marie Kursener
Margaret Couch
We bought patio furniture from Home Depot last month. One of the chairs has started to unwind. What can be one to fix it?
Tenna M Genther
We bouught your brand of track lighting from home depot about 3 yrs ago, and one of light broke, we went to home deport to try and find a replacement. The guy told us to contact you directly. Although the didnt have the bronze color we wanted he gave us a reference number in silver to help us track the correct item and see if you would have it in bronze. That number is #1002-081-950. Any help is appreciated. Sincerely, Don and Tenna Genther
Burnet Rourk
I purchased a solar flag light model number 99940. The wire from the light to the panel is not long enough for my application. Do you have an extension wire or can I splice the wire? If so, what type of wire and connectors should I use? Thanks for your help
Zellita R Perry
Hello, I am looking for a particular product that I have not been able to find anywhere. It's the double receptical color in white that covers 4 plugs. Please help!