9701 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324, United States
+1 912-459-0397

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How to contact Goodwill Richmond Hill Ga and about Goodwill Richmond Hill Ga ?

Goodwill Richmond Hill Ga address is 9701 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324, United States. You can reach via mobile or landline through contact number +1 912-459-0397.


Goodwill Richmond Hall is also known as Goodwill Industries International Incorporation in the United states. It is a non profitable organization that was established in 1902 in Boston, Massachusetts by Reverend Edgar J. Helms. The company specially focus on Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Person. It provides the job training, community based programs, employment based services, and many other programs for those who are disable. Goodwill Industries International Incorporation operates its services in seventeen countries around the world. It runs a network of 165 independent community based agencies in Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, United States, Uruguay, Canada Mexico and eight another countries. It earned more than four billion dollars and by providing training, employment and the support services to 4.2 million individuals. Goodwill company provides job training and community services to 6 million people every year. Goodwill company has various policies on donations, it accepts donations for shoes, clothing, books, accessories, pieces of furniture in good condition, consumer electronics, household decorations, dishes, handbags and clothing. It is headquartered in Maryland, United States 20855.

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