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ASOS USA address is New York, United States. You can reach via mobile or landline through contact number +44(0)20 7756 1000. You can also reach there webite and can get required information regarding to ASOS USA.


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Richard Onwumere
Order number: 256814745
My order was supposed to be shipped out to my address yesterday. The money was taken out of my account why is the status showing as processing? Can my items please be shipped out.
Hi, I am living in Canada. And I bought a dress at ASOS online pages. So I ordered it in February and it showed that it had delivered on February 10, on track my pack. But I didn't receive any package from you guys. My order number is 250246468.
Devita Dimpudus
My name is Devita Dimpudus, I ordered few items on on February 11th. According to the shipping tracking, it says that the estimated arrival of my package is February 21st. It's March 2nd and I still haven't received my package. It's way too long and it was supposed to arrive within 4 days. I've purchased from before and it never took this long. To be honest, I'm VERY disappointed. I had plans to use the items I purchased for a special occasion last weekend and I had to buy new outfits because my package didn't arrive on time. So, Can you please email me back regarding the delay of my package. If my package doesn't arrive within a week I want to demand a refund if possible.
I purchased a pair of shoes that I love but one of them came with a defect and I would like to exchange it for a new one but it looks like the shoe is out of stock. please let me know if I can get ahold of the manufacturer or if you can contact the manufacturer to trade them out. Thanks in advance!